Barsoom Tork's
Shizznatomatic Music Repository


Robot Recitals

Fun with language.


Bedfordshire Lyric Opera

Tempest in a Tee Spot
Ya Got Trouble

Jimbo's Lament
Course of the Squooshy Tees

Lawyers: First they shake you up. Then they shake you down.
Meebus and the M.T.A.

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the FenWay
Fenway and the Mean Trustees

The Stepford Lives
Little Golf Carts

Into the Woods
Tie a Colored Ribbon 'Round the Dead Elm Tree


Barsoom Tork's Song Parodies


Chat Room Anthem
Slouching To the Darker Side

A Farewell to Harms
Give My Regrets to Bela

The Day Due Process Died
North American Pie

Dilbert & Sullivan Productions
Pied Rants of Pissants

A Snotty Number

Shattered Dreams
Heart of Glass

Switch Track Ahead...
Pity of Dead Forums

Indigestible Kauderwelsch

Field Day
Razz Barry Fields

Drama Theory
Shreklisch Onion

Cher and Cher Alike
Geeks, Nerds, Awkward Dweebs

IF ... THEN ... OR ELSE ...
RIAA Folk Anthem

Mistakes Were Made
Three Little Jerks

Disruptive Balladeers
My Disruptible Balloon

I've Got a Feeling

Bugger, Bugger
Do Ya' Think I'm Crazy?

Had Your Filll?
Hound Blog

Jonny Get Angry

Strangely Familiar
Befuddled, Bothered, and Bedeviled

Survival of the Filllest
I Will Disengage


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